Perhaps, and only perhaps, if Oscar Wilde had lived in the 21st century, witnessing the advances of today's cosmetics, his novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray", whose plot is the search for eternal youth at any price, would have had a very different outcome. By way of a uchronia, perhaps Dorian would have opted for the magic of an ephemeral but real beauty treatment, instead of losing his soul in pursuit of eternal beauty.


One day not too far away Dorian's face would wrinkle and wither. His eyes would lose color and shine, the harmony of his figure would break. The scarlet red of his lips and the gold of his hair would disappear.

As Dorian became aware of the inexorable destiny that time had in store for him, he exclaimed:

"I am jealous of my portrait, Why should he keep what I am to lose? Oh, if it could be the other way around, If only the portrait could grow old while I remain as I am now! ".

Dorian's hedonism and his longing for eternity lead him to the abyss, to the unreason of those who rebel against nature and against themselves, to the hell of the soul.

Today, the myth of Dorian Grey and its pictorial representation is present in the "selfie", as a postmodern agalmatic product condemned to waste; as a scopic drive to be looked at and recognized everywhere and at all times, regardless of what is really shared. The tyranny of the digital era and its new economy of influence turns us into slaves of a metaverse where our self becomes an image, perhaps making us become a "simple image".              


The artistic work of Oscar Wilde inspired the eminent German psychotherapist Burkhard Brosig to describe a syndrome of our time, called SDG or Dorian Grey Syndrome.

Dorian Gray Syndrome (GGS) denotes a cultural and social phenomenon characterized by an excessive preoccupation with the individual's own appearance (dysmorphobia). It is generally accompanied by difficulties in coping with the aging process and the phenomena of maturity. Victims of DGS are recurrent users of aesthetic medical procedures and assiduous consumers of commercial products, in a desperate effort to preserve their youth.

Natural beauty does not understand subterfuge or chimeras. At each stage of life, the skin expresses its needs and demands for itself what it suffers from. Treating the causes at source, exercising correct prevention, protecting, pampering... that is the objective.

Any aggressive or invasive action on the skin, aimed at alleviating only the symptoms at any cost, is a "pact with the devil", a guarantee of involution, an open door to accelerated aging.


HIDROLIFTING 4D is the exclusive professional treatment for smoothing and blurring wrinkles and expression lines from the prestigious CELINDE beauty institutes.

Our treatment is the answer to those who need a "flash" treatment that instantly turns back the clock on their skin by decades, without risks or side effects.

Once the make-up removal, cleansing and renewal phases have been completed, the 4D HYDROLIFTING SERUM is applied to the face, neck and décolleté, with special emphasis on wrinkles and expression lines.

This is followed by an "ironing" technique using a jade stone or in combination with specific equipment: electroporation or LLLT cold laser.

The ritual is sealed with a sensorial digito-palm massage accompanied by a few drops of REDENSIFYING SERUM and lavender essential oil.

As a home complement to maintain the "smoothing" effect and 24-hour chronohydration, daily application of the ANTI-AGING LIFTING SERUM is recommended.


HYDROLIFTING 4D SERUM is the star product of this wonderful professional treatment of the RENASSENCE anti-aging line.

The extreme combination of "BTX" effect lifting active ingredients, such as AHP-8 and PP-18 peptides, and powerful redensifiers such as LMW and Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, make this Booster the ultimate wrinkle fader.

"If my face has some wrinkles remember that at my age you wish you were like me."

The duration of the 4D lifting effect lasts for days, making it a must-have for your most important social events and functions.





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ORO 24 K

ORO 24 K

The so-called "elixir of eternal youth" has been part of the beauty universe since time immemorial. Since Cleopatra, gold has been present in the most sophisticated rituals.



Christmas is a toast to love, it is to rediscover the child within you. A magical melody whose vibration resonates throughout the universe, as a hymn to hope, as an explosion of universal love.