ORO 24 K


Theso-called "elixir of eternal youth" has been part of the beauty universe since time immemorial. From Cleopatra to Liz Taylor, gold is present in the most sophisticated rituals, bringing light and energy to the skin. Today, its alchemical secret has finally been revealed, becoming part of our "Ars Cosmetae".


The stained glass artisans of the high Middle Ages protected an alchemical secret that allowed them to color without staining the white glass with different shades, such as red (symbol of fire, blood and royalty), being only magically perceptible from the opposite side of the light source, inside the cathedral. The empirical legacy of the ancient glassmakers revealed a strange dance between the sun and the gold that over time we would know how to interpret.


"There are two ways to diffuse light. Being the lamp that emits it, or the glass that reflects it."


When a fine gold powder was added to the stained glass, it acquired reddish hues when illuminated, which depended on the size of the gold particles. Today we know that this grinding powder had a very special size: the nanometer.

The tiny size of these metallic particles added to the glass endowed the gold with properties very different from those of other known gold materials, due to a curious optical phenomenon of resonance, which transformed the golden color of gold into these reddish tones.


Gold is a precious metal with unique characteristics, especially in particle form, where it acquires unique electrical and optical properties for skin care.

Gold has an exceptional electronic affinity, capable of activating dermo-epidermal proteins, catalyzing regenerative processes and exponentially increasing intercellular communication in the skin.

Gold particles attached to skin proteins absorb solar radiation by storing its energy and transforming it into biological energy that will be released in a harmonious and sustained manner over time.


"When a color is reflected, it is because the one who reflects it has accepted the gift of light, except in that color that interiorly already treasures and throws back to infinity".


Its extraordinary affinity for the skin and its exceptional cosmetological properties, so different from any other active substance, make gold the "philosopher's stone" with which to achieve eternal youth.


With a silky texture and exquisite powdery aroma, the LIFTING SERUM of the RENASSENCE line is a powerful "lifting" concentrate with gold, especially indicated for mature skin that is sluggish, flaccid and with expression lines.

Every day, gold transfers the skin to a higher state of energy thanks to the sunlight, which translates at a superficial level into a reduction of wrinkles and expression lines, and at a deep level, into an increase in skin firmness and elasticity.


"Be a sheet of gold ... In that way you will see how all things are engraved with letters of gold in you."


In combination with "BTX effect" peptides, cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid and an MGGP & AA & Copper complex, 24 K gold represents the "quintessence" of this sublime anti-aging treatment, created to stop all signs of skin aging.





The archetypal figure of Celinde evokes a supernatural woman who, because of her oriental origin and extraordinary beauty, is unique in the universe of Arthurian legends.



From maturity and a deep knowledge of the skin, VELVET DEFINITION is born, to make your skin dream, feel and live what it desires so much: youth.